Reed Diffusers

Before you choose your perfect Reed Diffuser, I just wanted to pop in some information about how to get the most out of your new diffuser...

Here at Sahara we use Porex e-reeds. These reeds give a superior scent throw as they have pores all the up the reed and so dipserse scent at a more steady and constant rate. 

Don't forget, we all go nose blind after a few weeks so i find it very satisfying to switch my diffusers around the house every couple of weeks and rotate my reeds at the same time. 

If your reed diffusers stop throwing out scent but there is still oil left in the bottom, this could be becuase the reeds have got clogged with dust. Try replacing your reeds, all of our diffusers come with one replacement pack of reeds to make your diffuser give better for longer!