Christmas and Dogs!!

So I thought it was about time for an update!

This Christmas we have teamed up with Woodfield Dog Rescue, these wonderful people work in partnership with the Boldesti dog shelter in Romania, rescue dogs and look after them in their small and friendly kennels just on the outskirts of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The Charity does wonderful things and is run by absolutely brilliant people both here and in Boldesti! They are saving countless lives with this cause. Why don't you wonder over to their website and have a rummage around and see if you can help out as well :) You will soon be able to purchase our lovely little candles directly from them and they keep all profits made!! #GOTEAMDOGS!

Now onto other matters...

As you all know we are still ironing out some creases with our website and i noticed it was trying to charge quite a lot for postage - Doh! - this is now fixed!!! HOORAY!!!

I am now back in full swing after baby - NAWWWW! - and quite excited for this years Christmas range!

We have decided to go with frosted jars to add a little extra Christmas into the range and have designed special Christmassy labels - which you will have to buy to see muahahaha!!

The Christmas range includes :

Christmas Memories

Season Sensation

Gingerbread - YUM!

Winter Spice

All have their very own show fragrance and it is totally different to the last!!We have brought out a new size for this years Christmas range to add an extra level into the budget luxury!

We have also just launched a new promotion in preparation for Christmas as well - free postage on all orders over £30!!! If you live locally as well, we always offer a collection/drop off option just pop us a message while ordering and we can refund the postage :)

We'll be back with more updates and news very soon!


Sahara! xx

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