Calling all tired Mums (and Dads)!

So...after my not so little 18 month old has driven me into a zombie state with her overpowering need to wake up crying in the night almost 6 nights a week, I thought we had a breakthrough. A certain popular brand of plug in room diffuser but at £6 a pack for 5 refills a full night sleep was starting to get a bit pricey...


I was stood in the supermarket in my zonbie half asleep state when i realised...what do they actually put in these things that makes my child so calm she sleeps through the night??????!!!!


Anyway, to the point! The ingrediants, amongst others (I don't want to be giving away potential trade secrets!) was lavender, and i thought to myself "I can make lavender diffusers..."

So when i arrived home that day i proceeded to make my two daughters a little 50ml reed diffuser for their bedroom containing, again amongst other formentioned ingrediants, chamomile.


2 nights and no crying toddler!! Now i'm not saying i have discovered the most coverted solution to all the parents on the earth plummeted into a zombie like state due to lack of sleep but this is the perfect example of how bespoke our candle service can be. We thought of a problem, and with the vast knowledge of essential oils and mood relaxers, created something that so far (FINGERS CROSSED PLEASE EVERYONE) relaxes at least my child enough that she feels she can sleep through the night.

This particular scenario can work across our range of products. A Rosemary and Clary sage room mist spritzed around the bedroom after waking can really energise and uplift you before a busy day!!

Don't forget, to visit our webiste :) or send us a little message! We are more than happy to try and help with anything and everything!

Sleep tight everyone!!



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